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APBioNet-BiochemDeptNUS-NUSLSS 2014
Joint Practical Course in R for Life Science students

You are cordially invited to participate in a series of hands-on workshop on R in life science applications.

PART 1: Introductory Hands-On for Life Science Students
DATE: Friday 10 January 2014
TIME: 2pm - 6pm (Hands-On Workshop)
VENUE: CSD Lab 1, Block S13 Level 4 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore
National University of Singapore

  • FREE TO ALL NUS staff and students, AMBIS and APBioNet MEMBERS (Association of Medical and Bio Informatics Singapore and Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Network)
    Registration Waived by Sponsorship from APBioNet and Biochemistry Department

    Access to NUS computing resources thanks to Bioinformatics Centre (BIC) NUS and CSD Lab.

    Please bring your laptop with you with power cable. Minimum requirements 1 Gbyte RAM PC with DVD reader. LiveCD will be issued. Alternatively, you can install Virtual Machine VMware on your Windows operating system and download a vmk file which we will customise for you.
    Training material:
    They will be placed online in advance. If you need hardcopy, please inform us.
    Endorsed by APBioNet
    Organised by Bioinformatics Centre, Dept of Biochemistry/Life Science Institute, National University of Singapore. In conjunction with the NUS Life Science Students Society.

    WHO SHOULD COME Students and Researchers involved in the following disciplinary areas will find this course useful.
    • Bioinformatics
    • Life Sciences
    • Statistics
    • Computer Science

    Hands-on Workshop
    Hands-on Practical Computing
    in R for Life Sciences

    BY Tan Tin Wee and Hu Yong Li

    Tan Tin Wee Hu Yong Li
    Workshop Abstract
    In today's biological research, massive amount of data are being generated and the ability to carry out analysis on such large datasets is a much needed skill. Unfortunately, not many Biologists are comfortable with computer programming and do not have much exposure and training in programming. In this hands-on practical, we will introduce the use of R computing environment to students who are interested in solving typical biological problems such as today's next generation sequencing and microarray data.

  • Part 1 (half day) Basic R Programming for Life Science Undergraduate Students (with Hands-on practice) - Dr Tan Tin Wee, Hu Yong Li, Christine Eng, Eric Lee [10 Jan 2014]
  • Part 2 (2 days) Elementary R, Bioconductor and other applications for Life Science Students - Tan Tin Wee, Hu YongLi, Eric Lee, Dr Xie Chao [TBD]
  • Part 3 (1 day) Practical Parallel Computing with R for Life Sciences Dr Tan Tin Wee and Dr Xie Chao, Eric Lee [TBD]

    Course Material

  • Simple 3 hour Introduction (ppt slides) 10 Jan 2014
  • Useful notes from previous courses: Brief Introduction to R for Beginners
  • ParallelR Slides
  • ParallelR Notes


    1. Hu YongLi, Teaching Assistant, Biochem Dept, National University of Singapore
    2. Tan Tin Wee, Head (Acting), Biochem Dept, National University of Singapore

    Registration and Contact

    Registration for the seminar and workshop:
    Please contact Mr Yu Hongqiao, Student Academic Affairs Director, Life Sciences Society, NUS or the President, Mr Edwin Chan (

    If any enquries on the workshop course material, please contact
    Ms Christine Eng and Ms Hu Yong Li
    Department of Biochemistry
    National University of Singapore
    Tel: (65) 65163566

    Brought to you by Bioinformatics Centre, Biochemistry Core Facility, Dept of Biochemistry, YLL School of Medicine, NUS

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