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A CloudAsia 2010 Satellite Event

CloudAsia 2010, organized by the National Grid Office (NGO), takes place from 3-7 May 2010, comprising a wide range of events for everyone interested in high performance computing, grid computing and cloud computing.

With the kind cooperation of the Singapore's National Grid Office, the EUAsiaGrid BioWorkshop is a satellite event of CloudAsia 2010 tailored as
a special offering for biologists, bioinformatics and medical informatics practitioners who may not otherwise be participating in CloudAsia.

The EUAsiaGrid BioWorkshop is a 3-day hands-on workshop themed on a Master Class for training users in life science applications of grid and cloud computing. For grid computing, this workshop will focus on the use of EUAsiaGrid and gLITE as the platform. Core concepts and technology on gLite middleware, security, job management, data management and grid information system will first be covered. Topical examples of Bioinformatics applications, current application systems, workflow, resource requirements, scientific focus, and collaboration opportunities will be discussed. Technology, tools and methodologies in application porting to gLITE, and examples from EUAsiaGrid Project, eg, drug discovery/GVSS, Wisdom project will also be covered in the Hands-on sessions. The BioWorkshop will round up with the latest developments and a simple hands-on session on the NUS BioCloud.

All EUAsiaGrid BioWorkshop participants are entitled to attend all CloudAsia 2010 events, and are invited to attend the opening ceremony keynote speech of CloudAsia 2010 on 4th May 2010 from 8.30am to 10.30am. Thereafter, workshop participants will have teabreak at CloudAsia 2010, and will be transported by bus to the National University of Singapore (NUS) for the start of the EUAsiaGrid BioWorkshop at 11.30am. This event is based in NUS at the computer teaching lab at CSD 1 Lab, Department of Physics Block S13
(seating capacity 80 computer terminals).

EUAsiaGrid BioWorkshop is held in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting of the Association for Medical and Bio Informatics Singapore (AMBIS) where the keynote speaker of EUAsiaGrid BioWorkshop, Dr Simon Lin,
Director, Supercomputing Centre, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, will be presenting the AMBIS Annual Lecture during the AGM of AMBIS on Day 2 of the workshop, 5th May 2010.

 First Created: 25, 28 March 2010, Last Updated: 6 May 2010